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In our design process, inspiration can come from various sources, whether it’s drawn from our extensive travels, a deep study of global furniture trends, or a customer’s unique project requirments. We pride ourselves on a well-established and proven approach to developing furniture concepts and bringing them to life for market launch.

Our talented design team possesses the versatility to create exclusive, innovative ranges or steer an existing range in a fresh and exciting direction. Our process begins with thorough research, followed by brainstorming, creative design, and meticulous pattern development, transforming our design concepts into tangible realities.

From the inception of an idea on a mood board to the initial sketches, followed by the transition to detailed rendering and precise CAD designs, we leave no stone unturned. Through the creation of prototypes and samples, our commitment to quality remains unwavering, ensuring that the end product aligns with our exacting standards.

We understand that delivering on time, within budget, and at the required volume is paramount. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we consistently meet and exceed these expectations, making us a reliable partner for all your accesories, stationery, textiles, furniture – design and production needs.

Our business model

We tailor our business model to meet the needs and requirements of our buyers with regards to designs, materials, margins, volumes and lead times .

Design & Inspire

Our designs are inspired by contemporary global trends and new materials and put together by our in-house design team

Source & Develop

We consider the costs, ma-terials and skills required to produce the designs before selecting one of manufacturers

Production Management

Our QC team manage the production cycle for each of our shipment from start to finish to ensure quality and timely production


Product is shipped to our Buyer's who does what they do best stock, wholesale and Brands and retail stores

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Design creates culture.

Culture shapes value.

Values determine the Future.